Digital Publications

Does your business have documents that you'd like to publish online as flipping books? There are several options available online to convert your file(s) to a digital publication; however, with many of these options the final product must remain on the provider's servers (for which you may have to pay a fee). Pollygrafx can create digital publications that can be hosted on your own server and remain in your posession, i.e., your property. No nightmare scenario of having paid for digital editions only to lose them when you choose to take a different approach.

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Website Maintenance and Security

Website maintenance and security should be a very serious consideration at the forefront of any clients web strategy. Content management systems need to be maintained, observed, and updated. Just because the website design has been approved, finalized and the site is live, doesn't mean that it's safe from those who would cause harm. Hack attempts are occurring constantly on websites around the world; large sites, small sites, high-profile economic websites or e-commerce sites, all of them are at risk every minute of every day.

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